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Our founder Chrissy has always been sock crazy.

Ever since she was a little girl, she was obsessed with a character from a hit '70s sitcom (also called Chrissy), who would always wear knee socks. She became frustrated that she could never recreate Chrissy's looks with the styles she found in stores, so she decided that when she was older she would launch her own sock company.

In 2009, she finally decided to create Chrissy's Socks as the ultimate online destination for thigh highs and knee high socks. She started out by visiting multiple stores and buying up all of the most unique sock styles she could find to list online. Customers loved the wide and unique range of socks and the brand took off!

The company began as a small operation out of Chrissy's home in Michigan before expanding into a nationwide venture in 2012. Now Chrissy designs a large number of the socks herself, and the majority of Chrissy's products are manufactured in the USA.

What started off as a passion project has now become an international business, and we're proud to say Chrissy's is the leading sock manufacturer and retailer. We are lucky to have been featured across national and international media, including: CBS Detroit, Channel 7, Bustle, Vice, ColdWire, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Metro Times, Lucky Mag, Eluxe Magazine, and BlogHer, but what we love most of all is seeing real customers in our socks. When someone shares a photo of themselves on social media in our designs we can't help but smile!

We've been growing for over 13 years and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So grab a pair of our socks and come join the family over on Instagram @chrissyskneesocks

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