Thigh High

Thigh-high socks are the perfect footwear choice when you're looking to cover a bit more skin than with a pair of knee highs, but don't want to wear full tights. The fact that they reveal just the right amount of leg makes them fun and cheeky while still an appropriate choice for outfits that can go from school to evening wear.

Whether you choose a classic solid colored sock or a fun animal-themed print, we have a range of thigh highs that are everything from playful to proper. There are many ways that you can style your thigh-highs and you can find some inspiration in our how to wear thigh highs fashion piece. Play around with some of our styling suggestions or send us your own outfit of the day (featuring your knee-highs) via our contact page to show us how you rock these socks!

For animal lovers, what could be more adorable than sexy thigh highs with cute animal faces at the knee? These styles are a hit on social media and we think you’ll get a kick out of them. Choose from pandacat, or fox thigh highs, and add something special to your wardrobe. Many of the styles on this page are great for completing Halloween costumes.