Back to School Fashion Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Back to School Fashion

Are you ready for a new school year? There’s always a special feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air this time of year. You have so many things on your mind, and while clothes aren’t as important as grades, finding a fashion look you feel confident in can give you an edge that leads to more confidence, and higher chances of success in all areas of your life.

Throughout the school year, your calendar is packed with special occasions which call for the perfect accessory. From your all-important first day outfit choice, to what you wear up on the podium with your graduation gown, there’s a good reason to find knee socks you love that will have you feeling your best. Sports games, spirit days, homecoming, and even formal occasions like prom can all be taken to another level of fun with the right pair of knee socks.

The time has come to dust off those school bags and begin another year of education… yawn… Well, how can we make this time of year more exciting? Whether you are a high school student who enjoys experimenting with her style or a college girl that has built her own personal image, at some point, you will most likely be faced with the inevitable question: "What should I wear to class today?" Unless you are attending a private school that requires you to wear a uniform, you will be faced with this dilemma almost every day. Let's make class more interesting with knee-high fashion.

The first step to making your existing wardrobe unique is to customize it with funky accessories. Items such as knee-high socks are the perfect way to give an outfit multiple new versatile looks and to get the most out of your everyday fashion staples. A simple skirt-and-sweater combination is elevated to a whole new level when you add some fun knee socks! Back to school fashion should be a balance of comfort and style. It is a way to showcase your personal style while respecting the guidelines of school-appropriate attire. Follow our fashion guide and you will be well on your way to quickly and easily putting together the perfect school outfits (and earning yourself an extra push of the snooze button in the mornings!)

The Comfort Factor

pencil-socks.png Classrooms and lecture halls are hardly the definition of a fun or comfortable environment. With their rigid chairs, draughty hallways, and hours spent in sedentary positions, it is hard to imagine feeling comfortable while listening to your professor talk for what seems like forever. You can, however, make things easier by making yourself feel more comfortable in brand new, fashion-forward attire customized to suit your existing school outfit. Layering is your strongest weapon on days when you leave for school freezing on a chilly morning, and then find yourself uncomfortably hot by lunchtime.

Knee-high socks are perfect for this time of year. Put together the perfect fall outfit with a light cardigan (and jacket if necessary) over your blouse, a solid pleated skirt and some fun knee-highs paired with flats or ankle boots. You'll be the star of the class; at least when it comes to fashion. If you prefer a much more lounge/casual look, you can layer your socks over a pair of sheer tights. Try this look with an oversized slouchy sweater and comfy boots to achieve the ultimate level of comfort.

Keep it Classy

It can be very tempting to slip on your "go-to" outfit that you find to be very flattering and attention-grabbing but you must remember that an educational institution is not a nightclub. Steer clear of sequins, spandex and short-shorts and opt for a sexy yet chic look during the day, please. With knee-highs, it's possible to create fashion looks that are both fun and flattering, and conservative enough for school, with a subtly sexy edge. Keep your look balanced; a modest long-sleeved knit in a subtle color palette can let you get away with wearing sexy knee-highs and details such as lace and and beading.

Suddenly you can wear a short skirt without showing too much skin when you pair it with matching knee-high socks. An alternative to this is a sweater dress that you can wear with layered socks and boots. It's a versatile look which you can reinvent each time you wear it with a different pair of socks or accessories such as jewelry, headbands, and scarves. Argyle print socks in grey, black or white shades are a timeless investment for your wardrobe that evoke the style of Ivy League colleges and esteemed British universities, and can make you look like a popular prep school socialite. Whichever style you choose, make sure you remember this rule: When in class, keep it classy!

True Colors

Most of us love to wear our school colors. Your college's on-campus store or school alumni store probably carries a range of hoodies, sweaters, and shirts that feature your school's colors, emblem and name so that you can represent your school with pride. Having these items in your wardrobe gives you a fool-proof option for all those days when you want to keep your styling task simple.

The great thing about coordinating your accessories with your school colors is that you feel like part of a team and you are always set to go straight to any sports or competitive event that your school is participating in, and cheer them on them in style! Knee socks are the perfect way to accomplish this and take your school pride to another level as you watch the game in comfort.

Smart Investment

Let's face it- the student life is hardly a glamorous one. This is a period of your life during which the need to budget becomes an inevitable reality, and your fashion spending is limited. Creative solutions make it possible to look good on a budget, and fortunately, knee socks often come to the rescue. The cost of tuition, textbooks and endless expenses that always seem to pop up makes clothes shopping a luxury for most of us. Nobody likes to skimp on quality when it comes to the clothes they wear, so the key to economical styling is making smart investments.

You may not learn this in Economics 101 but acquiring the right staple items is a valuable long-term fashion investment. No academic wardrobe is complete without a good pair of jeans, a tailored white shirt, a pleated skirt, versatile blazer. Versatile accessories such as socks and scarves let you effortlessly add a fresh look to any old outfit. These are the foundation of most classic outfits for a high school or college setting and once you have invested in adding them to your wardrobe, it will only take minimal additions to liven them up each season.

The First Day of School

When it comes down to it, the way you look is an essential part of how you feel, and that’s key when it comes to planning your future and socializing at school. Knee socks can give you that fashion advantage that boosts your confidence and helps you succeed. Clothing shopping can a stressful part of back to school preparations when you want to find just the right look for the first day back. Knee socks can make it fun, and they’re also an affordable way to change up your look and add trendy accents to clothing you already own. It’s easy to stock your closet with a range of looks just by picking up a few new pairs of socks so you have the perfect outfit planned for your first day back to school.

To make a great impression and feel confident on your first day back, we suggest these Gray Cat Thigh Highs . They’re one of our most popular items, and you’ve probably seen similar ones on social media. Not only are they ridiculously cute and flattering, they create a great conversation piece, as everyone will be asking where you got them.

Rise and Shine

When you manage to leave your cozy bed for that early morning class, pulling on a pair of socks you love can provide a little extra motivation to get out the door, knowing you’ll be looking great that day. Keep a pair of socks in your closet for those days when you wake up feeling tired and unmotivated.

The first bell rings at most public schools before 7:30 am, despite some recent studies into how effective (or, let’s face it- cruel) that may be in terms of students’ overall health and ability to think clearly on less sleep. Some pediatricians are recommending a later start time for the school day to make sure students are getting enough sleep to function. If your school board isn’t one of those who has adopted this later start, any extra motivation you can find to get out of bed in the morning is a good thing.

Fall Style

If you live in a part of the country that experiences chilly autumn weather, chances are you’ll forever think of fall weather when you think of school, and associate it with those feelings of nervous anticipation and change. The warm colors of changing leaves provide great fashion inspiration, and muted colors in earth tones are always in style this time of year.

A feature of knee socks which makes them practical for fall weather is their ability to keep your legs warm, while being thin enough to wear under a pair of tall boots. The look of boots and knee highs is very chic and it makes sense to stay comfortable during the ever-changing, unpredictable fall weather. For a classic look that’s always in style, pair your knee high socks with a long trench coat and some heeled boots. It’s a simple way to look elegant and put together as you walk between classes.

These Harvest Rainbow Striped Thigh High Socks are highly appropriate and fashionable for fall weather. They make a great choice for Thanksgiving or a walk through a pumpkin patch as you get ready for Halloween, or sipping a hot pumpkin spiced latté as you study.

For a classic autumn look, you can’t go wrong with some basic solid knee highs in a warm color. Try slipping a pair of Thin Solid Maroon Socks under tall leather boots for an elegant look that’s perfect for your first week of classes. Colors such as deep red and rust are perfectly suited to fall fashion.

School Uniforms

Does your school require you to wear a uniform? There is always a heated debate about the benefits and drawbacks of school uniforms. They have a long history in many countries, and knee socks play a key role in the tradition. Though you might think of the idea of a school uniform as too conservative, the rules have changed over the years.

Now that many schools no longer require a specific uniform, some students choose to dress in a similar style, wearing knee socks and pleated skirts simply because of how good it looks! It’s a flattering combination, and one that you can take liberties with if you aren’t bound by strict rules about what color your socks have to be. Any color or pattern of socks looks great with a skirt when they’re knee high or thigh high. They can give you that classic school girl look with an updated look that allows you to follow trends and take some fashion risks.

Of course, when it comes to school uniforms the classic choice is a pair of Thin Knit White Thigh Highs . These socks match almost all traditional school uniforms. They’re also a great staple to keep in your wardrobe, as they’re cute and versatile enough to wear with almost anything.

Homecoming Game

The big game- you look forward to this all year, so why not put some extra effort into your outfit and support your school with socks in your team’s colors? We carry colors specifically chosen for their versatility in matching almost any school’s official colours. Check out our basic Striped Thigh Highs , which are available in a range of colors to match your school spirit.

Socks offer the perfect way to easily create a unique look to support your team on the day of the homecoming game. Spell out your school’s name, your team’s name, or your own name with these versatile customizable socks . Of course, you can also use our personalized socks to spell out names in your team colors for baseball, football, kickball, lacrosse, fencing, hockey, skating, rugby, skateboarding, volleyball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport throughout the year.

Paint your face to match for extra points. Don’t forget to post a picture of your Homecoming outfit and share it with the hashtag #chrissyskneehighsocks. We can’t wait to see how you use our socks to show the true colors of your team spirit!

Homecoming Dance

You’ve found the perfect dress for your homecoming dance, but do you have the perfect accessory to go with it? Create a stunning formal look worthy of being crowned Homecoming Queen with some gorgeous legwear. Thigh highs are well suited to dresses of any length, and look more formal when paired with longer hemlines.

Spirit Week Ideas:

Spirit Week is a great opportunity to blow off some steam after the pressures of a tough week of classes, or as a spirit-boosting exercise leading up to Homecoming. It helps to raise morale, and it’s a perfect excuse to break out your wildest pair of knee socks!

Here are a few of the most popular themes for Spirit Week at schools across the country, and some suggestions on which socks make the perfect accessory for these themes:

60’s Day
Create a groovy1960s outfit with these classic tube socks. Their pretty shade of light blue makes them wearable throughout the year.

80’s Day
It’s all about neon and loud patterns when you’re going for an 80’s themed look. These Neon Neutron Socks fit this theme perfectly. Their wild pattern and fluorescent colors look like they stepped straight out of a time machine. Fun and crazy, but not so crazy that you can’t wear them again. After all, the 80’s are currently back in style.

Circus Day
Be the best-dressed girl on Circus Day with these vibrant Rainbow Thigh Highs or break them out on an average Wednesday to fight those mid-school-week  blahs.

Throwback Thursday
Take this theme to the extreme and go way back in time to the 1800’s with these cool Abraham Lincoln Knee High Socks . Or go back even farther in time and summon some ancient spirits with these fun Game Board Socks which are sure to be a hit on Throwback Thursday.

Toga Day
Yes, sometimes it’s okay to wear socks with sandals- the ancient Romans did! That means knee socks are totally appropriate for your school Toga Day outfit, and, not to mention, a wise idea if you live in a colder climate. Go for some simple white thigh highs under your Toga- this allows your legs to stay covered if you’re sporting a short Toga.

Animal Day
What’s your spirit animal? Show off your wild side and express the animal within you with some animal print socks for your school’s animal themed day. These simple black and white Zebra Print Knee Socks are a cool fashion statement you can wear all year when you feel like standing out from the herd.

If you relate more to the clever fox, try these awesome Fox Thigh Highs . You’re crafty when it comes to fashion and everyday life hacks. Like the Owl Thigh Highs, these are extra stretchy, soft, and thin, and can be worn under boots without adding bulk to your legs. With a pair of tall leather boots, the smiling faces of the foxes peek out over the tops of your boots.

Pajama Day

What a great excuse to roll out of bed and walk to school in the comfort of your pyjamas, bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers. These fun Donut Socks fit the laid back pyjama vibe and pairing them with pyjama shorts is a cute girly alternative to wearing long loose fitting pants.

Western Day
Throw on a cowboy hat, a gingham shirt, and some jean shorts, and your cowboy outfit is complete with these awesome boot socks. You can wear them with flats or even sneakers and make a fun reference to cowboy boots without having to go out and invest in a pair.

All American Day
Show your pride on All American Day with some stylishly faded Vintage Flag Socks . This is a popular Spirit Week theme, and you’ll stand out with this unique vintage take on patriotic wear. All you need to complete the look is a red, white, and blue outfit.

Pirate Day
Why go for a boring black costume when you can be a cute, feminine pirate with Black and Pink Striped Socks for Pirate Day this Spirit Week? Throw on a pink and black outfit and an eyepatch and you’re set.

Flannel Friday
What’s the accessory that goes best with flannel? Sneakers, of course. Look like a modern version of a 90’s grunge rocker when you rock some striped socks. Pair them with a red flannel and matching sneakers for an authentic look with a cute twist.

Other School Events:

Your school calendar is full of special events. There’s a way to incorporate the fun fashion of knee high socks into each and every one of them! We’ll show you how with these inspiring ideas:

Career Day
School is the time to reach for the stars and start thinking about your dream career and how to achieve it. If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, don’t give up on your dream. Wear these Astronaut Socks to Career Day and express your passion for all things space related.

If you’re working the car wash or participating in another fundraising event to raise money for a trip or other cause, make it even more fun with socks. They really stand out in a crowd and can help draw attention to your group. Have your whole team wear these themed socks and raise awareness for your cause as you keep your spirits high and get those dollars coming in!

Getting involved in a cause that shows even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge positive difference in people’s lives. Those who are challenged to find housing will really appreciate small items that make daily life better, and a brightly colored pair of new socks can provide warmth as well as a smile so someone in need.

If you made the team this year, celebrate with some adorable Cheer Socks which can be worn by your whole team as part of your cheerleading uniform. They can be worn off the court on regular school days as well to show your unstoppable team spirit as well as your fashion sense. Of course, any pair of knee socks you like can make great cheerleading wear. Pick a color that matches your team’s style and you will all look well coordinated as you perform your killer moves at the next game. This cute accessory is also a great secret weapon to bring along to a national cheerleading competition, and can give your team the advantage of a unified look.

Field Trips
Show your love for nature by wearing a pair of brightly colored nature themed socks on your next class trip.

Roller Derby
Cute Roller Derby Socks make a great team uniform to get your team in the fighting spirit. Look great in colorful knee socks while you crush the opposition. They also offer some protection to your calves against scrapes and chafing.

Band Practice
If you’re in the school band, music is what you eat, sleep, and breathe throughout the year. Why not wear it as well with some Sheet Music Socks ? These also make a great gift for musicians and are appropriate for any instrument. They’re a hit with anyone who loves classical music.

We also carry socks designed specifically for piano virtuosos. Wear these fun Piano Socks to your next recital or throughout the year as you practice your instrument.

Do you always have some kind of music playing throughout your day? In the car, on your headphones, on the stereo- music is a big part of your life that goes everywhere with you. Throughout the school year, the music you listen to becomes forever tied to the memories you’ll create. Express your inner rock star with any of our funky socks and finally start that band you’ve been thinking about.

Science Fair
Make an unforgettable impact when you present your findings to the judges. These neon printed socks are so cute you’ll want to wear them to class as well. It’s cool to be a science nerd, and now it’s fashionable too! Wear your science smarts with pride.

Spring Break
Are you lucky enough to be going to a sunny destination for Spring Break this year? Even if you’re somewhere chilly for a few weeks off in March, you can express a tropical vibe with any of these colorful socks .. They would also make a great costume for a Beach Themed Day as part of Spirit Week.

Valentines Day Gifts
Are you one of those people who loves the tradition of handing out personalized Valentines Day cards to your friends at school? Give your close friends a pair of Red and Pink Heart Socks for not much more than the cost of a card. They’ll appreciate this useful gift which they can keep and use much more than a card.

Secret Santa / White Elephant
As soon as the school year is in full swing, Christmas is just around the corner. If your school is running a Secret Santa this year and you have no idea what to get your classmate, these Santa Socks are the perfect solution. They’ll be sure to be appreciated, as they’re not only flattering but fit the theme perfectly and can be worn to holiday parties or to school.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this back to school fashion guide and found some fun style inspiration along the way. Check out our other fashion guides to find out how to coordinate Shoes with Knee Socks or plan your back to school wardrobe with our Outfit Ideas guide.

As always, we love seeing the creative ways you use our knee socks, so please send us a picture of your team wearing socks in their uniform, or any other school related event! Use the hashtag #chrissyskneehighsocks when you share your school sock photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.