A tiger can’t change their stripes but a sexy kitten can pick a pair of these socks to go with any outfit! Choose from a range of color combinations that are perfect for proudly representing your team colors at a sporting event or matching your next Halloween costume.

Our range of striped knee highs comes in every possible color combination to perfectly match your uniform, costume, or everyday outfit. Striped knee-highs can be incorporated into a range of costumes including the increasingly popular themed burlesque look. Basic doesn’t have to be boring when you show your stripes.

Try a fantastic combination of purple and orange or brown and white striped socks to complete your next Halloween costume. Wear the proudly American stars and stripes on the 4th of July or Presidents Day. We have green and red stripes for elves, unicorn rainbow socks for magical unicorns, and neon green stripes for St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns. The basic black and gray striped socks are great Goth or alternative accessories.