Halloween Costume Ideas with Knee Socks

Halloween is the perfect time to live out your fashion fantasies and wear an outfit that you wouldn't dare to on any other day of the year! There is no better excuse to indulge your inner child and throw aside all conventions, or even play around with a sexy and provocative look. Whatever look you have been secretly wanting to try, you can get away with it on Halloween! The secret to a great Halloween costume is in the details. What sets you apart in a sea of clichéd or common outfits that everyone has is paying attention to the way you accessorize your outfit. A pair of perfectly themed knee-highs is just the thing you need to top off an authentic look and get into character this Halloween. Browse through our page for inspiration and fun costume ideas.

Sexy Professions

Have you always wanted to be someone else? On Halloween you can be the woman you’ve always wanted to be, or just have fun playing a different role. The great thing about costume parties is that they let you explore your sexy side without feeling shy or out of place. A short skirt and knee-high socks is the perfect combination to both entice and leave something to the imagination. Stop traffic in a sexy police officer costume or set fevers running in a cheeky nurse outfit complete with red hot knee-high socks. Try out one of these professions and look sexy at the same time in a perfectly matched pair of knee socks:

Sporty Costumes

You don't have to be a gym junkie or even a sports fanatic to look fantastic in a sports themed costume. You will be at the top of your game and have the boys’ eyes fixated on you as you rock an outfit inspired by their favorite sport. No sports uniform is complete without a pair of matching knee-highs. A sports themed costume is the ultimate choice when it comes to being comfortable on Halloween. You’ll be cozy and look hot dressed in active-wear while all your friends struggle to fit into restricting and uncomfortable costumes. There’s something sexy about a girl who’s active and healthy. These fun socks in team colors will have you looking fit and flirty from head to toe:

Girly Costumes

You can be sweet and innocent with a twist in one of these feminine themed costumes. Girly doesn't have to mean childish if you add some glamor to your costume with sexy accessories like knee socks. Our socks can be the extra touch of femininity your costume calls for. You’ll look especially cute when you match the color of your socks to the rest of your outfit. These affordable knee-high options make it easy to be perfectly put-together and coordinate your accessories with your super girly costume. Here are some feminine Halloween costume ideas for inspiration:


Television and Film

Characters from books, movies, and television are often a popular costume choice. You can have fun referencing a popular star who everyone is talking about right now, or finally get to be the character you’ve loved since childhood. If you’re going to an all-ages Halloween party, handing out candy at home, accompanying a child while they trick-or-treat, these knee socks are sure to be popular with kids and adults alike. Not sure which character to be this year? Flip through your book shelf or DVD collection for some inspiration. Your favorite fictional hero may be waiting to inspire you. Thinking of entering a Halloween costume contest? This year you’ll be able to create that winning costume when you match it perfectly with a fun themed pair of knee-highs. Browse this list of Halloween costume ideas based on popular characters from film and television:


Animals and Nature

Here are some Halloween costume ideas that are wildly fun, fuzzy and fashionable! These costume ideas are also great for young trick-or-treaters. What’s your spirit animal? You’re bound to find it here, and our huge selection of animal themed knee-highs lets you match your spirit animal to a tee. Be as wild as you’ve always wanted to be this Halloween in a cute animal-themed costume. You will be absolutely lovable in an adorable cat or mouse-themed outfit when you add some fun patterned knee-highs to your costume.

Just paint on a nose and clip on a tail, and you’re ready to go. These socks make it easy to create a full animal look with minimal effort required in the rest of your outfit. There is no cuter way to celebrate your wild side than by sporting an adorable animal costume. Just be prepared- you are bound to attract a lot of attention from people who wish to give you a hug!

Holiday Themed

Get into the spirit of your next Christmas, Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day celebration with the perfect themed knee-highs. Almost every month of the year, there’s an occasion to dress up for that requires a special holiday-themed outfit. Sure, everyone else is wearing green this St. Patrick’s Day, but you’ll have fabulous shamrock printed knee socks! Don’t just wear red on Valentine’s Day, dress up your outfit with heart printed knee-highs. They’re a great way to show your love for the holiday and put smiles on the faces of everyone around you as you bring festive cheer. Sometimes the sweetest thing isn't in your Christmas stocking- it is the way you look in a pair of Christmas themed socks! Put together a delightful holiday themed outfit and make each occasion all the more joyous.


Wild and Dangerous

If you’re a rocker who was born to be wild or you want to transform to a gutsier version of yourself, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to go crazy and give your outfit some extra kick. You’re a rebel and it shows when you wear a pair of skull printed knee-highs. Any of these styles would look cute as funky everyday wear, so you’ll get more use out of them that a regular Halloween costume. These fun socks are a great way to step up your look and add some sexy attitude to your costume while staying warm and comfortable. Our knee-highs will look fantastically fierce when worn with your costume. Try them layered under your biker or army boots, and show them who’s boss this Halloween!

Spooky and Scary

The best Halloween costumes are scary! Getting into the spirit of Halloween means embracing your spooky and scary side. You can be frightening and fashionable at the same time with the right combination of costume elements. In terms of color palette, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of mystical and mysterious black knee-highs. They will be your perfect accessory for any outfit- from vampire vixen to sassy witch, and can be worn throughout the year.

Funny and Comical

Get some giggles going in a fun outfit that will put a smile on people's faces. One of the most important purposes of a costume party is to make sure everyone has a good time and shares some laughs, and there is no better way to do that than with a humorous and lively outfit. We offer a range of bright colors, playful prints and tongue-in cheek sock designs that will make you the popular and fashionable life of the party! Get started with these fun costume ideas:

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