Tube socks are the ultimate footwear accessory. They can be casual, chic, sporty, and sexy all at once! The simple, classic design is what makes them so versatile. They can complement your unique look with a range of patterns and styles. 

Every girl needs a good pair of knee-high socks and that will look great with everything from high heeled pumps to pair of classic sneakers. Our tube socks are a designed as a solid knee-high with three bold stripes to accentuate your perfect pins. All of Chrissy’s striped tube socks are made of quality materials and manufactured in the USA, so you can be sure that they are the perfect blend of style and comfort. With a durable blend of nylon and acrylic, they’ll stick with you and stay up throughout your active day.

If you’re looking to match a team uniform or casual outfit with a specific color, the possibilities here are endless. Each of Chrissy’s striped tube socks comes in various color combinations, allowing you to find your ideal design and fit! Stripes are a timeless print that every fashionable girl needs in her closet! Chrissy’s striped tube knee socks feature three horizontal stripes sitting just below the knee. This detail adds a unique touch to classic solid socks. Each striped knee high sock emphasizes the feminine shape of the calf, while keeping a relaxed, sporty vibe. Exuding an effortless charm, these striped socks infuse a sense of casual sexiness into any ensemble.