How to wear black and white thigh highs

Very often, the secret to being sexy and stylish at the same time is knowing how much leg to show. Thigh-highs are the perfect solution when you don't want to bare it all but still want something lighter than a pair of tights or pants. Below are some of the ways that you can wear a pair of black or white thigh-highs.

Over Sheer Tights

Thigh-highs are a great addition to simple hosiery. If your sheer tights simply aren't warm enough or you are looking for a way to make your styling a little more interesting, then wearing a pair of black thigh-highs over a sheer black tight creates a very attractive gradient of shades. The two-tone effect is both trendy and subtle enough to be pulled off from daytime office-wear to an evening outfit. Alternatively, you can play around with color combinations and wear tights of any color under your socks. This lets you have fun with a pop of color rather than going overboard with it.

Over Patterned Tights

Sometimes a pair of patterned tights with a great design can look a little too busy. Wearing a pair of solid thigh-highs is the perfect way to create a more subtle look and wear the pattern on your tights as a statement peeking above your thigh-highs. Wear a sexy black print with your black thigh-highs or opt for a fun and playful combination in a pair of colorful hosiery and white thigh-highs. Why worry about getting a run in your hosiery or choosing between comfort and fashion? This combination is the perfect balance of both.

Short Skirts & Shorts

This has been a favorite look on the fashion runways, television, online media and magazines for many years. Pairing up your mini skirt, tailored shorts or even sweater dress with a pair of thigh-highs is the perfect way to wear a short hemline and still look sophisticated. Why not try a combination of a pair of short-shorts and an oversized knit with your thigh-highs? It is a warm, casual look with the added flair of showing a little bit of skin. The great thing about thigh-highs and mini dresses is that they can transition from a cute lecture look to party wear simply by switching from a pair of flats to some platforms or high heels.

Under Boots

Forget wearing a daggy, mismatched pair of cartoon themed socks under your boots because you think "no-one will see them". Thigh-highs are an excellent accessory that will look particularly attractive when worn under your knee-high or thigh-high boots. Wearing your socks this way lets you show them off just a little bit and play around with layering. This doesn't just look cute and fashionable, but it also makes wearing boots a lot more comfortable.

With Ankle Boots

Ankle boots with shorter outfits can sometimes look less than perfect because they visually shorten legs or seem inappropriate for the weather conditions. When your outfit just doesn't look quite right with a pair of ankle boots, the ideal accessory is a pair of thigh-high socks. Match colors to create the illusion of a slim boot or play around with contrasts by pairing your dark ankle boots with a pair of white thigh-high socks.