Step over to the dark side! Black is one of those classic shades that’ll never go out of style. It matches everything, and flatters everyone. If you had to pick only pick one color of legwear, chances are it would be black.

Whether you have an understated sense of style or love to go out on a limb in the name of fashion, you’re sure to find a black knee sock that suits your personal taste. Are you a romantic or a gothic beauty at heart? From silly to sexy, Chrissy’s features every kind of classic solids.  

There’s a reason black tights are the most popular- the color appears farther away and therefore smaller, so it has a thinning visual effect on your legs, flattering their shape in all the right places. Each black knee-high sock is made from the finest materials available, allowing you to step out in a great product that combines the best of style and comfort!