The argyle pattern has been a styling favorite for many generations. The classic argyle pattern comes from a tartan in the Argyll region of western Scotland; a symbol of the family clan Campbell. Scottish Highlanders back in the 17th century wore this style of patterned socks, which were historically referred to as “tartan hose”. In the 1920s, argyle print became incredibly popular in the US and the UK, especially for golfers. When the pattern took off in popularity it became fashionable casual wear, a symbol of class and distinction. Since then it has continued to enjoy widespread popularity on and off the sports field. Some Olympic cycling and basketball teams still use an argyle patterned uniform, and it continues to be popular casual wear for both men and women. 

Our range of argyle print knee-highs offers fun and modern versions of this traditional pattern. The Scottish inspired clusters of diamonds are an attractive and timeless look, especially for students and athletes. From classic to chic, you can choose from a tame pair of black and maroon knee highs to a daring black and neon pink combination. When you’re looking for a classic style, you just can’t go wrong with argyle.

These knee-highs make for an excellent gift and they come in Christmas colorsRed, White and Blue for the 4th of July or a romantic red for Valentine’s Day. Combine them with a short skirt and channel your inner “Braveheart” beauty.