Shoes with Knee High Socks

What shoes look fabulous with Knee High Socks?


If you thought that knee-highs were reserved for school girls and sports fields then you were so very mistaken! These sexy socks have recently made a major comeback and have consistently been highlighted as a fashion trend on runways and fashion blogs worldwide. The best thing about knee-high socks is that they are not only comfortable and cozy, but are also an easy way to add some personality to a lackluster outfit. They are also a smart choice for anybody who wants to create an attractive silhouette and make their legs look even more fabulous. 

From heeled boots to flats, the right pair of shoes can compliment your legs and your knee socks at the same time, bringing your whole look together perfectly. We have listed some of the shoe styles that you can pair up with your knee-high or long thigh high socks and would love to hear your own styling suggestions. Contact us and send us your messages to or photos so that we can see how you have created a fashionable footwear combination. Click here to check out 185+ Outfit ideas with socks.

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maroon boot socks mid calf boot socks boot socks boots with fur and long socks

Solid Brown Boot Sockssolid white boot socksSolid Teal boot socks

One of the most popular combinations- boots and knee-highs are a natural fit. The gradual change in lengths creates a layering effect that can be even more intensified if you wear your knee-highs and boots over tights. Not only is layering extremely chic, but it is also the perfect solution to keep your legs warm and comfortable in the colder months. Shop our collection of solid colored boot socks.

Ankle Booties

high socks with ankle booties ankle booties with socks knee socks with ankle booties argyles with ankle booties ankle shoes with fun socks ankle shoes with thigh highs

Ankle booties and knee socks are a match made in heaven! If you’ve ever tried out this fashionable combination, you understand its chic appeal. The beautiful thing about booties is that their heel adds femininity and visually lengthens your legs, while their low rise shows off your knee sock-clad legs in their full glory. 

Winter Boots

winter boots with snow in background winter boots with scrunched down socks

tan boot socksdark pink boot socks

It’s tough to beat the comfort and warmth of the combination of knee socks and winter boots. Try a pair of thicker knee socks with loose-fitting, ultra soft fleece lined boots for an effortlessly cute style. These slipper boots can be worn inside as well. If you’re stepping out and braving the cold in a pair of tightly-laced winter boots, select a thinner pair of our flat-knit knee-highs, which are specifically designed to fit under snug boots without adding bulk to your legs. If the climate you live in is cold enough to necessitate covering your entire leg, try layering your knee socks over a pair of tights. This way you’ll stay toasty without having to compromise on style and sex appeal, no matter how chilly it is outside. 

Tall Heeled Boots

Stylish Boots

Knee socks and tall heeled boots are such a classically sexy combination. As the heels lift and stretch your calves into a flattering shape, knee socks accentuate and draw attention to your legs. There are endless ways to pair this look with the right outfit. Try it with an ultra-feminine, long flowing bohemian skirt, or dress it down with a casual mid-length A-line skirt. Add an extra layer of texture and interest to your outfit by pairing flat-knit knee socks with suede heeled boots, or spice things up with the rock-and-roll sex kitten vibe of tall leather heeled boots.

Tall Flat Boots

pink flat water boots with striped tube socks flat boots with thigh highs foxy socks with flat boots flat heel boots for fall tall boots with cat socks flat heel boots with teal socks 

A pair of knee socks peeking out above a pair of tall flat boots add just the right touch of modest femininity. This look is a perfect pick-me-up for autumn days when the weather is slightly rainy or you’re heading back to school. This combination has an adorable school-girl feel when worn with a plaid skirt, and is seriously fashionable with a simple skirt and a classic trench coat. Once you try this look, you’ll quickly find yourself wearing it throughout the transitional months of spring and fall.

Wedges and Platforms

panda socks with platforms wedge shoes with striped tube socks platform shoes with argyle socks platform shoes with striped socks



Wedges are an excellent choice when pairing your socks with a shoe that will give you some extra height. The solid heel creates a smooth line at the end of your socks to create an illusion of elongated legs. You will walk with extra height and confidence in a pair of knee-high socks and simple wedged heels or boots. This is the ideal solution for a smart casual outfit or something that is even work/school appropriate.

High Heels, Pumps, Stilettos and Sandals

high socks with sandals pink pumps and neon camo socks ankle boots with cat socks sandals and socks


For the classically elegant fashionista, there is no other choice but high heels when it comes to choosing a knee sock / shoe combination. High heeled shoes make your legs look amazing and show off their full length, while knee-highs add a playfully young feeling to the look. Depending on your choice of socks, this look can be customized to create an endless array of styles. Try sheer black knee-high socks with sleek high heels for a subtly sexy look. A brightly colored or novelty-patterned pair of socks are instantly made more formal and grown up when paired with classy high heels. 

Pumps are also a favorite option for women who wear knee-high socks because they are a classic design that can complement a simple sock or add a neutral element to a bright or loud sock design. Pumps are a more mature, lower heel which is comfortable for dancing or to wear on a daily basis at the office.

Vamp things up in these ultra high, thin-heeled shoes. There’s no better way to make a statement in stiletto heels than to wear them with a killer pair of knee-high stockings. Your fashion sense is unmistakable when you wear a short dress, knee socks, and 5-inch stilettos out on the town.

Socks and sandals make for a fabulous combination when styled the right way. European fashion houses love this trend and once you have found a good color match for your shoes and socks, you can play around with the length of the sock or create the appearance of slim legs with a scrunched-up legwarmer effect.


flat shoes with black socks ballerina flats with black socks white flats with striped socks ballerina flats with music socks flats with cute socks


You will feel super comfortable while looking fabulously chic in flats and knee-high socks. This is a favorite choice for classic ladies from Paris to New York. There is something to be said for practical footwear and active women on the move often turn to flats for their style and ease of wear. Adding knee-high socks is a great way to stay warm in cold weather without sacrificing cute flats for boots. Knee-high socks can add some modest coverage to an outfit of ballet flats and a short skirt when you feel that your legs are too bare. Pair ballet flats with some soft pastel-colored knee socks for a sweet and pretty dancer-inspired look.


high socks with roller skates custom roller derby socks roller skating socks


Rock-and-roll in a cute pair of roller-skates that wouldn't be complete without a gorgeous pair of knee-high socks. This retro look has made a comeback and if you are heading out for a skate, try on a pair of short-shorts and knee-highs to complete your look in a retro color like orange, or one of our roller-skate prints. Not only will they look super cute, but they also protect your legs from the discomfort caused by your skates rubbing against your skin. You’ll feel free to sail across the rink in style at your next competitive roller derby bout or Sunday skate.

Sneakers, Tennis Shoes and Trainers

polka dot socks with sport shoes work out shoes and long socks funky socks with sneaker shoes red white and blue tube socks with white sneakers running shoes with striped socks shamrock socks and tennis shoes


Have some fun with your everyday sneakers and add a pair of cute and sexy knee socks. One of the best examples of stylized street-wear is the high-top sneaker/knee-high combination. The quality of material of our socks also makes them very comfortable and breathable if you choose to wear them with trainers while exercising. This is a match made in knee-high heaven. We recommend a white tube sock with a colored stripe in a shade that you are wearing. This will tie together all the elements of your outfit for a retro-inspired, extremely cute casual look.

Paired with the right pair of tennis shoes, knee socks can evoke the image of country club chic, giving you a preppy look which will look just as good on the tennis court as it will at the mall.

Mary Janes

mary janes and pink thigh highs


The Mary-Janes-and-knee-socks look is commonly seen on children, but as a grown-up style, it’s certainly not for any old "Plain Jane". This footwear combination has come a long way from the private school look. As an adult, you can play around with contrasting colors or choose a two-toned knee-high sock that complements your strappy Mary Jane shoes for a fun twist on a classic look that will fit right in at work, school, or on a formal evening out to a gallery or symphony.


slippers and knee socks

Whether its a special holiday or just a day to lounge around the house, socks can add that extra bit of comfort while wearing your slippers.