Solids - Thick

As the cooler months approach, sometimes your legs need little extra warmth. But who says you can’t still look hot? With thick solid knee highs, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion to stay comfortable. They’re great everyday wear for the cooler months and they pair perfectly with a skirt and tall boots.

A pair of thick solid socks is the perfect fashion solution when you’re going for an  autumn or winter look with a balance of style and comfort. Warm socks don’t have to be boring. You can brighten up a back to school look by pairing some thick solid red socks with a classic pea coat and some tall leather boots. Slip your thick solid dark pink socks under some ultra comfy fuzzy boots and stay toasty while you maintain your cute feminine style.

These high quality knee-highs are made in the USA. Their solid design and durability also makes them an ideal sock for your sports team. They’re made of tough acrylic material that keeps moisture away from your feet. Added nylon gives them the stretch to stay up no matter how active you are. You’ll look great on and off the sports field in these classic colors. 

Thick Black Socks (Made in USA)