Halloween Socks

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky….they’re our Halloween themed socks! A pair of ghoulish socks can take your costume to the next level, helping you to win that dress up contest and stay warm in the chilly October weather.  Not sure where to start with your Halloween outfit? We say choose your socks first and the rest will fall into place. Even if all you have is one simple pair of white knee highs in your closet you can easily be a school girl, soccer player, angel, ballerina, golfer, tennis player, Dorothy or a cheerleader!

We've got a huge selection of knee highs and thigh highs to choose from, it all depends on what your costume calls for. We offer a big range of funky colorful socks too, so if you want to be a '60s hippy or an '80s rave we've got you covered. Just choose a pair of socks that match with one of the main colors of your costume and you'll easily look coordinated.

No matter if you're going out dressed as a sexy professional, sports player, animal or iconic TV character a pair of black thigh or knee highs will complete your Halloween costume. We've also got green socks for witches, yellow socks for bumblebees and pretty much every other color you can think of.

We have a ton of novelty designs featuring skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and bats in our collections, but who says these just have to be for Halloween? If you like the gothic look why not rock them all year long!

Not sure if you're confident enough to wear thigh high socks this Halloween? Our styles are designed to be flattering on all leg shapes and will never roll down or sag. They'll help you look and feel your best all night long, so you can focus on trick or treating and getting down on the dancefloor with all the other demons. Ready to find your first pair of Chrissy's Halloween knee highs? Discover our designs here.

100+ Costume Ideas with Socks