Outfits with Long Socks - 200+ Photos

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There are endless possibilities when it comes to putting together outfits with knee-high and thigh high socks. This is just a snapshot of the many ways in which you can style these socks. You will find an abundance of ideas and inspiration in our gallery below as well as some useful tips on how to style your outfit around your favorite pair of socks. See something you like? Try it out yourself. It’s easy to create a style that’s all your own with the right pair of knee-highs that will make you the envy of your friends. 

We'd also like to take this opportunity to invite all of our customers, fans and fashionistas to send us photos of yourself in our knee-highs so that we can admire your styling talents. Get creative and send us an email or use the hashtag #chrissyskneehighsocks on Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to see how you make these styles your own.

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Sporty | Preppy | Casual | Elegant | Costume

The formula for a perfect sporty outfit is straightforward: just add tube socks! Knee-high socks should already be a staple accessory in the wardrobe of every sports fan and athlete. They are synonymous with uniforms worn by athletes but also a fashion favorite for sports fans, event attendees and those who generally like to dress in a sporty manner.

Are you a team player looking to step up your fashion game? To accessorize your sports uniform, pick a pair of long sport socks featuring a few simple colors or prints that match your team or sportswear colors. You’ll stand out with your extra cute coordinated socks and feel super confident as you play. If you play any of the following sports, there’s a knee sock perfect for you:

♥ Skating ♥ Rugby ♥ Skateboarding ♥ Softball ♥ Volleyball ♥ Soccer ♥ Cheerleading ♥ Basketball ♥ Baseball ♥ Football ♥ Roller Derby ♥ Kickball ♥ Lacrosse ♥ Fencing ♥ Hockey

The best thing about these socks is that they can go from being a functional training sock to being worn casually off the field with sneakers or to cheer on your favorite team. Add a cute sporty touch to a court-side outfit consisting of a team shirt, sexy shorts, simple wedges, and knee socks in your team’s colors. If you are wearing a simple active wear set, you can add some fun to it by choosing a sock that has printed motifs related to your favorite sport.

gray skirt, green top and green university knee highsblack leggings and colorful striped socksPurple with white stripes tube socksretro top, jean skirt and 60s tube socksjena skirt, and neon blue tie dye top and knee highsred shorts, black tank top and checkerboard knee socksDark Pink tube socks with white stripesworkout shorts and gold college socksWhite & Blue Bumblebee socksRed argyle knee high socks. White & Blue Bumblebee socksrainbow knee sockswhite & royal blue striped socksWhite Socks with Dark Pink StripesBlack and Neon Green Argyle socksblack blue tube socksBlack Tube knee socks with Yellow stripespink ribbon socks for cancer walkpink funky animal print socksblack leggings, pink top and pink argyle knee sockspink workout shorts and funky pink knee highsgirl wearing jean skirt and striped orange knee socksroyal blue argyle socksdance socksgirl wearing black workout shorts and teal striped tube sockswoman wearing green workout shorts and striped knee highspink ribbon cancer run outfit with long socksgirl with tattoos, yellow top and striped retro tube socksnavy blue argyle socks brittany noelle workout outfit idea brittany noelle workout outfit idea brittany noelle workout outfit ideayoga socks black pink tubemulti-color polka dot socks



Sporty | Preppy | Casual | Elegant | Costume

Preppy equals pretty. With the right pair of knee-highs, you can achieve a chic, grown-up country club vibe without looking like a teenager skipping school periods. Create an attractive, put-together outfit by layering classic elements. A short, flared skirt paired with a white collared shirt and cardigan or blazer is the perfect foundation for this look. Combine this with a pair of argyle socks and some shiny black lacquered Mary Janes or pumps, and you’re on your way to preppy perfection. In the autumn months, this look can be completed with an attractive trench coat, while winter fashion demands a pair of boots over your knee highs. Knee socks make it a breeze to achieve this sophisticated yet innocent preppy look, which is always in style for students and teachers alike.

plaid skirt with 70s tube socksstriped black/gray sweater, black skirt and matching knee sockswoman wearing plaid skirt and pink plaid high socksgirl wearing purple plaid shorts and high socksstunning maroon dress and striped knee high socksschool girl wearing maroon and gold striped socksjean skirt, maroon top and maroon school tube socksjean shorts, pink top and striped cotton candy socksfloral top with retro maroon tube socksfunky orange tiger knee high socks and leggingsteal striped tube socksplaid school girl skirt and striped maroon high socksNeon Green with Black animal print skirt with high socks skirt with long socks over the knee cat socks paired with blouse and skirt pink socks with black skirt skirt with funky spotted socks black skirt, pink top, high striped socks skirt with high socks  skirt with high socks dress with boots and high socks leather jacket tied around waist with dress khaki skirt with blue collared shirt tyed - long maroon socks


Sporty | Preppy | Casual | Elegant | Costume

Knee-highs are a fantastic way to add a unique touch to any regular casual outfit. If you’re keeping your outfit casual, why not have some fun with brightly colored novelty knee socks? There isn’t a casual outfit that doesn’t look great with knee-highs. It’s easy to find a pattern that matches your interests and adds original flare to your look, like our adorable animal printed socks, which are a hit on Instagram! For an added element of street-wise fashion flair, why not slip on a pair of retro high-top running shoes and wear them with some striped knee-highs, a vintage t-shirt, and denim shorts? Plaid, printed cotton shirts, denim shorts, and loungewear are all ideal partners for a pair of cozy knee socks. These socks are also ideal for pleated skirts, dresses and tailored shorts worn with a classic shirt. If you like your current outfit, you’ll love it with knee socks.

pink polka dot socks with jean shorts and black topjean skirt with white top and neon pink/green argyle sockswoman wearing purple hoodie and striped socksgirl wearing white shorts, royal blue top and polka dot high socksblack leggings, leather jacket and fire knee sockspink pjs and argyle high sockswoman wearing neon green tube socks and jean shortsgirl weaing jean shorts, zip up jacket and navy tube socksjean shorts and plaid knee socksfunky neon pink animal print sockspink shorts, red top and striped knee high socksstriped pjs with teal/purple high socksblonde girl with jean shorts, blue top and blue rainbow sockswhite neon yellow socks - blondeblack/neon green tube sockspink cow pattern socksgray knee high sockspink/yellow star knee socksblonde pink socksGrey/Light Pink/Neon Pink Argyle Knee SocksGrey/Light Pink/Neon Pink Argyle Knee SocksBlack Tube knee socks with Dark Pink stripesBrown, White & Pink Bumblebee socksjean shorts, black top and funky splash knee highsBlack Tube knee socks with Dark Pink stripesYellow with white stripeswoman wearing jean skirt red top and spotted sockscute pink camo knee socksWhite shorts, tank top and navy striped tube sockswhite blue tube socksblue pjs, white top and light blue tube socksWhite & Blue Bumblebee socksBlack & Dark Pink Bumblebee socksRed with Black animal design Tan & Brown Bumblebee socksUSA socks - Made in USAwhite polka dots color socksgirl wearing jean skirt, blue top and blue cheetah knee sockswhite shorts and fun striped gold/white knee high socksLeopard Print with Black/Brown Spotscandy sockslight pink tube white stripe socksblack leggings, jean shirt and vintage tube socksMulti-Color bright rainbow knee socks.Purple with white stripes tube socksfunky teal animal print socksBlack with Green, Gold & Red StripesWhite, Navy Blue & Dark Green  Argyle socksOrange Cheetah Print with Black/Brown SpotsTeal, Neon Pink, Black & White StripesNeon Pink with Black animal print army camo knee socksblack and yellow argyle knee socksBlack tube socks with white stripes.Royal Blue & White Bumblebee socksWhite, Navy Blue & Dark Green  Argyle socksTeal with White stripessocks with jeans fall outfit idea shorts and high socks jean dress with funky heart socks cute lounging outfit idea beige tank top, skirt and socks casual sock outfit leggings with socks leggings with blue socks, sweater and sunglasses black shorts, small purse, pink striped socks blue jean shorts, small top and long thigh highs with brown shoes jean shorts, black top, long black hair and tube socksirish plaid socksstriped black/green socksblack pink striped socks blondeWhite - Teal Argyle SocksArmy Camo, Blue, Light Blue, & Navy BlueGreen argyle knee high socksblack/pink argyle socks blondeyellow argyle socks


Sporty | Preppy | Casual | Elegant | Costume

A pair of black knee-high socks can look very sexy when worn as part of an elegant outfit. It’s an unexpected twist that can set your outfit apart from the crowd. Wearing knee-highs with formal wear is an intriguing look which shows just the right amount of skin to intrigue, while leaving enough to the imagination. Because of their classic design, these socks can be worn with flirty mini dresses and heels, tailored dresses, jumper dresses or even short jumpsuits. Pair them with a platform heel or a classy pump for an added dose of elegance. Every woman owns a “little black dress”, and with so many colors and patterns of knee socks to choose from, you can get a lot more wear out of that simple dress! Changing up your legwear accessories is an easy way to create a whole new set of looks which take your existing wardrobe to a whole new level. 

Red and Black Polka Dot Dress and knee socksblack dress and long argyle sockslong dress, leather jacket and royal blue striped tube socksblack aztec dress and thin solid black knee high socksneon army camo knee socksteal skirt, orange top and striped knee hi socksdress with teal polka dot knee hi sockscute dress with black white spotted knee highshot red dress and rainbow striped sockscute kitty kat dress and pink paw knee hi socksblack - purple tube socksblack skirt with teal dress shirt and knee highsfunky purple zebra print socksblue argyle knee hi sockscheetah print socks with skirt, tank top and high socksNeon Pink & White Argyle knee socksgirl wearing cute white dress and pink argyle knee hi socksblack - teal argyle sockssweater dress with maroon argyle high socksblack-orange argyle socksroyal blue argyle socksBlack/White bumblebee stripe socksOrange tube socks with white stripesaztec sweater shirt and day of dead knee highsbrown socksBlack Polka Dot Socks white dotsRed with Black animal design boot socks - vegas goldWhite with Black animal print Giraffe Animal Print, Tan, Browndesigner plaid socksBrown, White & Pink Bumblebee socks black dress with pink socks argyle socks with black dress argyle socks with black dress long pink cat socks with sport coat elegant long sock outfit dress with black socks and brown boots red skirt, black top and funky thigh highs - jag lever


Sporty | Preppy | Casual | Elegant | Costume

Putting together an original costume can be a challenging task. Knee-high socks are a fantastic and inexpensive way to give your outfit that extra edge that all of your friends will want to copy. When your legs are covered with knee-highs, you can have a bit of fun with a shorter hemline or a more provocative cut. Think of it this way; the more clothing you wear on your legs, the less clothing you have to wear in the rest of your outfit. A great pair of knee-highs will complete any costume and make it look like a stylized outfit. Our socks are made in a huge range of colors and patterns, designed to match perfectly with your costume’s color and theme. When you find the perfect pair of knee socks for your costume, they will also make sure that you stay nice and warm throughout the night, whatever the weather may be like. If you already have a costume in mind, you can find the perfect socks to match it here. Browse our hundreds of socks and you might just find the inspiration to create a brand new costume.

red heart knee highsblack neon green striped socksautism puzzle knee highs, blue top and brown shortsGreen argyle knee high socksNeon St. Patty's Day Shamrock Socks and skirt, hat and glassesstar shorts with long star socks - 4th of july outfitst. patty's day outfit with shamrock socksblack/green argyle st. patty's day socksgirl wearing green skirt, red top and candy cane xmas knee highselves with knee socks - xmassanta elf with green knee sockssanta outfit with knee socksblack colombian blue sockscandy corn sockspink white striped socksflight attendant blue socksbumblebee socks yellownurse -red socksbrown argyle sockswicked queen argyle socks purplered wonder woman sockspirate socks - black/red stripeddollar $$ sign knee sockswhite light pink argyle knee socksOrange & Green Bumblebee socksOrange & Green Bumblebee socksskull knee socksarmy camo knee sockssnow white yellow socksblack white striped knee sockscowgirl black socksschool girl outfit with knee socksvampire costume with knee socksreferee knee socks outfit black white socksGiraffe Animal Print, Tan, BrownRed tube socks with white stripesroyal blue striped sockssolid orange knee socksblack and orange striped knee sockspurple turtle halloween costumegreen mesh shorts with white top and dark green tube socksgirl with black leggins, blue top and blue camo knee sockssanta outfit with knee sockswhite blue argyle socksxmas plaid sockswhite orange striped socksred green striped socks