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Colorful Striped Socks

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Made in USA

Elevate your sock game to electric heights with our Black Multi-Color Striped Knee Socks.  Imagine the boldest, most playful parade of stripes encircling your legs: stark black gives way to a shock of neon green, a flirtatious pink, a wave of neon pink, a daring red, a burst of bright orange, and a splash of radiant yellow, all in vibrant succession.  The well-defined heel and toe contour to your every move, providing comfort that's just as precise as it is colorful.  Thanks to the ribbed construction, these socks aren't just a treat for the eyes—they're a cuddle for your calves.  Slip these on for a pop of color that doesn't just walk into a room, it dances in and keeps the party going from the ground up. 

Size: Women's 7-11
80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon
Length: 22" - 24" Before Stretched

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