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Animals Australia

Our company prides itself on creating high-quality American made socks and our fur free stance is at the center of our sustainable fashion policy. Chrissy’s Knee High socks are manufactured using materials sourced from carefully selected suppliers in order to ensure compliance with our animal friendly policy which declares that:

  • We are against violence and cruelty toward animals, condemn the mistreatment of animals in any way shape or form and lend our support to all efforts aimed at promoting fur-free fashion.

  • We are dedicated to allowing consumers to make an informed choice when purchasing our products.

  • We never test our products on animals.

  • We do not use genuine fur (including mink, coyote, sable, fox, muskrat, rabbit, and raccoon dog).

  • We do not use leather or skins in our manufacturing process and ensure that any adhesives used are not made with animal products.

  • We are strongly against any shearing processes that include the poor treatment of sheep and strive to ensure that any potential wool suppliers do not practice inhumane mulesing.

  • Our company is passionate about the preservation of endangered species and as such, refuses to purchase and sell any materials from animals that are classified as vulnerable or endangered.

  • We will not accept any leather, feathers or materials that have been made from animals bred for meat production, animals that have been force-fed, plucked live, poorly transported or treated in an inhumane manner.

Our mission is to set an example by taking a firm stand against animal cruelty and promoting alternatives to animal products such as fur. As we become an increasingly popular and loved brand, we are aware of our responsibility towards a global sustainability initiative and our role in eradicating the mistreatment of animals in the fashion industry. This is why we are committed to following all elements of our fur-free policy as outlined above and are continuously striving to identify new areas of improvement.